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Serving Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and the USA since 1988.

Egbert Law Offices provides a full range of intellectual property services.  Whether you have a patentable idea, a business trademark to secure, or text you wish to copyright, we can help


Specializing in Patent, Trademark, and Copyright Law
Egbert Law Offices is a full-service intellectual property law firm founded in 1988 by John S. Egbert. Egbert Law Offices has a staff of professionals devoted to various specialties within the fields of patents and trademarks.

We have been one of the most active intellectual property law firms in Texas, processing over 3000 patent applications and 4000 trademark applications.

The process of securing a patent or trademark can be very complicated and confusing. Our job is to secure positive results through simplifying the process for companies and inventors.

Over the years, our efficiency has minimized the cost and time required to secure patent or trademark protection. Our efficiencies have enabled companies to cost-effectively build their patent and trademark portfolio.

Our firm has extensive experience in mechanical and chemical inventions. In particular, Egbert Law Offices has secured important patents in the fields of oil and gas technology and medical technology. We also assist many individual inventors with simpler inventions, such as household items and tools.

Egbert Law Offices has been a leader in trademark filings over the past five years. We offer complete trademark services for securing U.S. and the foreign registration of business names, logos, slogans and taglines.

Copyright registrations can be secured through Egbert Law Offices. We help writers, artists, musicians and programmers in the process of securing full copyright protection of their original works.

We endeavor to keep our clients informed of costs and expenses throughout every step of the process. This assures that our clients are not surprised by any charges. We always provide fixed quotes for each and every service that is offered.

If you should need a quote for our services, please feel free to contact us at any time. We respond quickly to all email and telephone inquiries.